Collezione: Shipping & Delivery

What Sections to Include in Your Shipping Policy

The following are the most important sections that should be included in your Shipping Policy:

  • Methods of shipping available (standard, express, overnight, etc.) and the prices of each
  • International shipping information
  • Shipping restrictions (no shipping to P.O. boxes, no shipping of certain goods, etc.)
  • Handling time
  • Other/additional information

Methods and Prices of Shipping Available

The main thing most customers will want to know about your policies and procedures is how much you charge for shipping, and how fast items will arrive.

Most ecommerce businesses offer multiple shipping options, from standard ground delivery to expedited or even overnight shipping. These shipping options also come with different price tags.

Include a section in your Shipping Policy that breaks down this information.

Here's how Woodstock breaks down this information. The simple chart is easy to notice and read, while the explanation paragraphs below it provide additional information about what a customer can expect with each shipping method available.