Collezione: Our Story

Let me tell you a short story about how Force 6 Fitness got started.

Hi, my name is Mario Rago.

Departing from the Navy in 2013 as an Aviation Electrician, my wife and I started an offroad parts manufacturing company. We specialized in overlanding products for the Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles. Rago Fabrication was a household brand in the industry always creating new and innovative products. After 9 years of business, we were acquired by Horsepower Automotive with branding as DV8 and ADD Offroad.


                As we grew Rago Fabrication throughout the years, the stress of running a company took a toll on my body. Let’s just say I gained a bunch of weight and became very unhealthy. Shortly after the acquisition, I got back into the local gym and really loved it as my body was changing. A couple months later, the gym life started to consume my life and time. I was spending so much time there my wife thought I got a new job. LOL. A change had to be made. I decided instead of going to the gym, I was going to bring the gym to me. Yup, a home-gym. From there, I was quickly disappointed by what was currently on the market. To me, it just seemed the machines at the gym offered so much more. The home gym space was lacking products that helped people build the body they were looking for.

That’s when Force 6 Fitness started. I took my computer aided drafting skills and started modeling products that functioned better. Most importantly products that looked better than what was available. Since then, we came up with a two-minute rule. What is a two-minute rule? This is the rule of time it should take to set-up equipment for the next exercise. Setting-up gym equipment should not take time away from building muscle, it should play a supportive role.

                As we continue to build our product line, we will be improving products and creating solutions needed for the gym and home- gym community. We will strive to build high-quality products just like we did with Rago Fabrication and help drive the gym culture forward.

 Home Gym Perfected!